faq-icon.png General Support
  • Why did my internet connection suddenly get so slow?

    CIT works to provide the fastest and best internet service to our college. We frequently have over a thousand simultaneous connections. Periodically service may slow down, for instance at the start of the business day when everyone checks their mail. Also, some low priority heavy uses, such as online gaming, movie streaming, and file sharing (ex. bit torrent) may be throttled to lower download speeds to ensure equitable access across the campus for academic use.If the problem persists, submit a support ticket for assistance. Note the college's network use agreements prohibit the unauthorized downloading of copyrighted material or the misuse of the network. Infractions may result in a loss of network access and other consequences.
  • How can I ensure my favorite technician gives me support?

    For fastest service, CIT encourages you to submit a Support Ticket for every support issue. The next available qualified technician will take your ticket and supply support. Frequently, a technician may be nearby able to offer assitance immediately. If you bypass this system, you may face longer service delays, and may unbalance the workload for the technical support staff. In addition, your support needs may not be recorded in our tracking system, and therefore be unanswered in the event the technician you contacted is not available. The vast majority of support tickets can be resolved by any of our trained and talented technicians.
  • What issues does IT handle?

    CIT handles all service issues with college provided computers, software, printers/scanners/faxes, and peripherals. CIT handles all service issues with school issues phones, the lines and other telecommunications problems. CIT handles internet connection issues, wireless access, and account management. CIT maintains the schools servers, databases and share drives. CIT does not handle issues with personal equipment. CIT does not handle computer issues in the Campus Computer Labs, Smart Class Rooms, or A/V equipment these are managed by Academic Computing x 4098.
  • I can’t logon to any PC on campus so what do I do now?

    You need to be granted network access. If you have access to the web, you can click on the Account Management Link and follow the directions there. Or visit Benson Hall room 104 for assistance.
  • What is network access?

    Network access gives you a unique username and password so network resources can be utilized. These resources include email, and internet access. Be sure to log out after each use of a public or lab computer.
  • What do I do if I need help with my computer?

    CIT provides support for all equipment issued by the college. We cannot support your personally owned equipment. If you have a problem with your college issued machine. Click on the Submit Support Ticket link and fill out the form. You will receive notice when the ticket it picked up by a technician. If the ticket requires the technician to visit your office, he or she will contact you to arrange a time. If you are unable to submit a ticket this way, or need additional assitance, contact CIT at x4009 or visit us at Benson 104.
  • I need my office moved, what do I do?

    Fill out a move request form and a member of Technology will contact you shortly. Be advised that phone numbers are assigned to offices and not personnel; therefore, numbers cannot be changed if you change your office.
  • How can faculty/staff members get a new computer?

    Click on the Request Equipment/Software link, fill out the form. CIT will get back to you to schedule an assessment of your needs. If it is determined new equipment is warranted, CIT will provide you with a quotation. Attach this quotation to a requisition from your department for procurement. If the requisition for new equipment is approved, CIT will accept delivery of it, install any needed software, and schedule a time to set it up in your office.
  • The computer in my dorm room is having issues, can IT fix it for me?

    CIT does not support personally owned computers.
  • Why can’t I add new software to my work PC?

    Saint Augustine’s college network usage policy prohibits end users from adding software to college machines. All machines will be provided with necessary software for full functionality before delivery to your office. If you need additional software to perform your job, click on the Request Equipment/Software link.
  • My internet does not work in my dorm room what do I do?

    Speak with your residence director for internet issues, or call CIT at x4009 to report a loss of service.
  • How can I check my email if I’m not on campus?

    Simply use any web-browser and open the Saint Augustine's College webpage ( Under the Search bar, click "webmail." Enter your login and password.
  • What is the remote file access system?

    The remote file access system is a system that allows all users (faculty/staff/students) to upload and download documents to a Saint Augustine’s college server and grants them access to those documents from any windows computer with internet access. For a full video tutorial click here (link to ftp tutorial).
  • What are network drives and what do they do?

    For a full video tutorial on network drives click here (link to network drives tutorials).
  • I am a student and I can’t get to my St-Aug email. What do I do?

    On the desktop there is an icon that says “student email” Double click and enter the username and password that you would use to log onto a PC on campus. From off campus via computer, you can access school email on the web via Webmail. Go to the Saint Augustine's College home page. Under the Search Bar,click "webmail".Enter your login and password. If you login and password do not work, click on the Account Management link on the Technology page and follow the instructions.
  • I need my password changed, what do I do?

    Click on the Account Management link in the Technology page, and follow the instructions to reset your password. IF you are unable to access the page, or need additional assitance contact the Center for Information Technology at x4009, or visit Benson Building Room 104 during normal business hours.