Class Attendance

Each Student and Faculty Advisor should be familiar with the Academic Policies of Saint Augustine's University. Students and faculty advisors are encouraged to consult regularly with the Saint Augustine's University Catalog and with Department Chairs and Division Deans.

Faculty members shall provide as part of their course syllabi a clear explanation of their policy on unexcused absences and class attendance including the consequences of violating their policy. The faculty member's policy on unexcused absences and class attendance must be distributed to students within the first week of classes each semester. Excessive absences may result in a failing grade. Faculty may recommend to the Department Chair that a student who has violated the faculty member's published attendance policy be administratively withdrawn from classes. Requests for the administrative withdrawal of students from classes for violation of the faculty member's attendance policy requires the approval of the Division Dean and written authorization from the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost.

Students may have a valid documented reason for their occasional failure to attend class. Students who possess acceptable documentation for their absence from class will be allowed to make up and/or complete class assignments, tests, quizzes, papers, etc. Students must whenever possible, provide prior notice to the faculty of their intended absence and upon the request of the faculty provide documentation that will account for their absence on the date(s) of the class assignments, tests, quizzes, papers, etc. For example, faculty members may request that students provide documented evidence of:

  1. Personal Sickness: e.g., a written statement from a nurse, doctor, or hospital records;
  2. Death in Family: e.g., a funeral program, documentation from the funeral director, and/or minister;
  3. Emergencies: e.g., appropriate evidence sufficient to document the particular emergency; and
  4. Participating in Required School Activities: e.g., a written statement from the appropriate university official, such as a coach, band director, choir director, etc.