Credit By Examination

Each Student and Faculty Advisor should be familiar with the Academic Policies of Saint Augustine's University. Students and faculty advisors are encouraged to consult regularly with the Saint Augustine's University Catalog and with Department Chairs and Division Deans.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a national program of credit-by-examination that, offers students the opportunity to obtain recognition for college-level achievement. CLEP offers two types of tests: General Examinations and Subject Examinations. CLEP credits will be reflected on the student's transcript as transfer credits. No more than twenty-four (24) hours of credit can be received through CLEP tests for both general and subject examinations combined. Credit will be granted to students achieving scores of 50% or more on the general exams. The University will accept for university credit the mean score (or above) achieved by students in the national norm groups who earned grades of "C" in comparable courses. No credit may be granted for CLEP tests which are repeated. If a student fails a CLEP test, then retakes the test, the student may not receive credit even if the subsequent score meets criterion.

The amount of credit to be awarded is to be determined by the Director of the Honors Program in constitution with the Department Chair and Division Dean in whose department/division the test fails. Credit will be granted only when an official CLEP scores report is sent directly from the University Board to the Office of Records and Registration. Duplicate reports, examinee's copies or score reports received in any other manner, with the exception of a CLEP examination, administered at the University, are not acceptable.