The Department of History and Political Science aims to expand the intellectual horizons of students and to broaden their academic and personal experiences so that they may become informed, contributing citizens of the community, nation, and world. The Department emphasizes critical thinking, research, writing, and speaking.

Students choosing to declare a major in History and Political Science must select a concentration. The Department offers exciting courses leading to different specializations.

There are four (4) concentrations in History and three (3) concentrations in Political Science.
History: Political Science:
American History Political Science (general)
Women's History International Studies
Africana History Pre-law

While the Department understands that students can matriculate into law school after completing a baccalaureate degree in any major and that there are no hard and fast pre-requisite courses for law school, we offer a concentration in Pre-Law studies. After establishing relationships with local law schools and comparing the undergraduate curricula of successful law students, the Pre-Law concentration gives students the core skills and values recommended by the American Bar Association including: analytic/problem solving skills; critical reading; writing skills; oral communication/listening abilities; general research skills; task organization/management skills; public service and promotion of justice. The Pre-Law concentration, which also includes an internship, is the first of its kind in the curriculum of any historically black university or university. Law school admission is not a guarantee of the program but the skills gained are invaluable for any discipline of study.

Students may also declare a minor in History (general) or Political Science (general).