Theatre and Film Major

The Theatre and Film Program provides academic, creative, and practical instruction for students seeking careers in the entertainment industry. Students gain academic knowledge and develop analytical skills from the critical study of classical and contemporary plays, and narrative and documentary films. Students develop their art while learning the crafts of directing, dramatic writing, and acting for both stage and screen. Practical experience is gained through active participation in theatrical and film/video productions. Students receive hands-on instruction in theatre technology, cinematography, and film/video editing. Students may earn a Bachelor of Arts degree or a minor in Theatre and Film. Students prepare for advanced study at graduate and professional levels and for employment in the theatrical and film industries.

Core level courses in Theatre and Film introduce students to both disciplines. As students advance, they may select their area of concentration. Class sizes are small enough to offer individual attention to all students. The facilities include a 300-seat proscenium theatre, sound stage, and editing suite. State of the art equipment provides opportunities for practical, hands-on experience in production for both stage and film/video.