Division of Social Sciences Present: Black History Month Program

Feb. 13, 2012

In honor of Black History month, the Division of Social Sciences hosted a panel discussion on multiple racial issues, including the role current students are playing in the movement of equality, on Thursday, February 9. The panel took place in Seby Jones auditorium.

The panel consisted of social sciences professors and students, the faculty participants were, Dr. Mary Brown-Scott-Assistant Professor of Introduction to Political Science, Dr. Willie Fullwood-Assistant Professor of Political Science, Shirlkeymu Winston- Assistant Professor of African American History and Moses Greene-Assistant Professor of Communication Skills. William Martin and Vionna Kelly were the student panelists.

The panel was asked to compare the role of university students in the '60's and the current role university students play in the equality movement. Professor Shirlkeymu Winston responded to the question by pointing out the crucial role NC A&T University freshmen played in the 1960 Woolworth Lunch Counter sit-in. "Four freshmen started that movement, just like those students, we have to take ownership... iron sharpens iron," stated Winston.

William Martin, a junior in psychology, sociology and social work expressed a thought provoking perspective on the role students should play in the current movement."Our role should be sticking together. We are no longer fighting for rights, we are now, battling for each other and for unity," said Martin.

Pictured left to right: Panelists Dr. Mary Brown-Scott, Professor Shirlkeymu Winston and Professor Moses Greene.