Public Safety - Responsibility


The SAU Campus Police Department; A branch of the Business and Finance is responsible for:

  • Developing and promulgating policies, procedures, rules and regulations concerning parking and traffic within the SAU community.
  • Controlling parking assignments to the parking facilities in the SAU Community. This includes, but not limited to, issuing parking permit, determination of appropriate parking spaces, and the necessary recordkeeping.
  • Coordinating parking and traffic matters within Saint Augustine's University and with other Federal, State or local agencies.
  • Initiating administrative enforcement of traffic and parking rules and regulations.
  • The SAU Campus Police Officers and Campus Security Officers continuously patrol all of the parking areas and roadways by foot and car to check for vehicles parked in violation of the regulations and to record space utilization information.
  • The SAU Campus Police Department is responsible for providing instructions and permits to anyone requesting such assistance.
  • All employees are required to observe the rules and regulations prescribed in this manual. They are required to inform a non-employee driver, with whom they may have occasion to ride, of the rules and regulations governing driving and parking at SAU. Furthermore, they are expected to be courteous to and considerate of their fellow employees when operating a vehicle on the SAU campus.
  • All department heads are responsible for the visitors to their Department; to make sure they are aware of the SAU parking rules and regulations, and that a temporary parking permit must be obtained.
  • Special Events Coordinators must obtain temporary parking permits for their visitors and guests, r make parking arrangements with the Campus Police Department before the event at least three (3) days prior to the date of the event to include all summer programs.
  • The owner or custodian of a vehicle is responsible for all parking/traffic violation (s) issued on his/her vehicle.
  • The driver of a vehicle is responsible for any traffic violation notice (s) ticket (s) issued for a moving violation. EXCEPTION; In a moving violation where the driver is not stopped, the owner is responsible in lieu of identification of the driver.