Saint Augustine's College Students Gain Experience

June 11, 2012
The experience gained from internships serves as an invaluable opportunity for any university student. At Saint Augustine's University's Belk Professional Development Center (BPDC), Nichole Lewis, director of the BPDC, and her staff work tirelessly to express this notion to each student on campus.

According to Lewis, there has been a substantial increase in the amount of internships St. Aug students have received in comparison to past years. Lewis attributes this influx of internships to various factors. "We [BPDC] work closely with faculty, the Registrar's Office, Career Counselors, etc. This increase is a team effort," stated Lewis.

Additionally, the BPDC has launched an ambassador program, in which students serve as liaisons between the BPDC and the student body and increased its presence on social media websites.

Taia Reid graduated from St. Aug in 2010 with a degree in Business Administration and is now a graduate student at Old Dominion University pursuing a masters in Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs. Reid is currently interning at her alma mater, Saint Augustine's University. When asked about returning to her alma mater as an intern she stated, "I love this school, they demanded the best out of me and look at where it's gotten me!"

Reid and Lewis both encourage students to seek internships, "be open to doing an unpaid internship during the semester in your field," stated Lewis. "The best experiences can come from unexpected opportunities... so be open."

Pictured: Taia Reid, a 2010 graduate, seen here interning in the Office of Institutional Advancement at Saint Augustine's University.