Saint Augustine's College's celebrates second year with the Wal-Mart Success Program


Saint Augustine's University held a luncheon Tuesday, August 23, to kick-off the second year of the Saint Augustine's Wal-Mart Success (SAWS) program.

In addition, Saint Augustine's University recently received a $50,000 award from the Council on Independent Universitys and the Wal-Mart Foundation aimed at funding programs designed to increase the retention rates of first-generation university students.

The SAWS program was created by Nichole Lewis, director of the Saint Augustine's University Belk Professional Development Center, which established seven professional-level externships for first-generation freshmen and sophomores.

The goal of each position is to expose students to career paths that increase the awareness of industries where minorities are under represented in professional roles. Each participant took part in a year-long process that included attending professional development workshops, cultural events and seminars on balancing and avoiding the pitfalls of being a first-generation student/employee. At the conclusion of the 8-week summer assignments, the SAWS externs made formal presentations at their respective employers.

SAWS alumni will be serving in various leadership and ambassador roles on campus. For more information on the SAWS program contact the Belk Center at 516-4242.