Social Work Program

The Social Work Program has been authorized to proceed with a major in Social Work by the Strategic Plan of the University for implementation. The next step is to get approval for candidacy status, which involves meeting candidacy approval by the Council on Social Work Education Accreditation Commission. Approval has many steps, which include the goal and mission of the program, discrimination and affirmative action policies and processes of the University, administrative structure of the program, faculty, support staff, resources, library holdings and assessment of the program. It is anticipated that after meeting with the CSWE COA specialist in October, the program will submit the Eligibility Form required for Candidacy.

The Social Work Major is a degree, which provides the theoretical and experiential components in education. It affords the student a career of ongoing learning and gratification and satisfaction in helping people achieve their potential. If you care about helping people then think about choosing a career in social work.

Minor Requirements

Dept. Course # Course Name
SW 200 Introduction to Social Work
SW 210 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
SW 211 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
SW 220 Introduction to Social Welfare Policy
SW 310 Social Work Practice with Diverse Populations
SW 325 Generalist Social Work Practice I

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