St. Aug's Center for Real Estate Hosts Networking Luncheon

Feb. 21, 2012

The Center for Real Estate Management and Development (CREMD) hosted the 1st Annual Art of Networking Luncheon which was held, February 7 in the MLK Ballroom on the campus of Saint Augustine's University.

The event was in partnership with the Triangle Commercial Real Estate Women (TCREW) organization. By invitation only, the luncheon consisted of 15 student attendees and each had the benefit of learning from seasoned business operators. TCREW is a chapter within the International CREW Network and its membership, while focused on commercial real estate, also includes lawyers, bankers, accountants and residential property management.

Topics discussed during the luncheon included: optimizing networking opportunities, business lunch and dinner etiquette and the do's and don'ts of handshaking.

Additionally, an award was presented to Leroy Reynolds, president of Reynolds Construction to recognize his contributions to the Right of Way Program as its first instructor. This one of a kind program provides students the necessary knowledge to gain employment with federal, state, county and city departments of transportation, utility and private consulting companies. Starting positions range from $40,000 to $45,000.

Pictured left to right: Glenn French-St. Aug's Center for Real Estate, Amy Mayer-Duke Realty, Soberina Traywick-Mechanics and Farmers Bank and St. Aug board of trustee member, Kara Phillips-Phillips Architecture, Kim Kamens-HPG, Denise Bennett-Wells Fargo, Minnie Sudan-Wells Fargo, Lucille Zane-American Asset Corporation and Leroy Reynolds-Reynolds Construction Co.