St.Aug Alumni Invention Drawing Much Attention

Saint Augustine's University | St.Aug Alumni Invention Drawing Much Attention [418] | Press Release Archives March 12, 2012

You could soon see Sylvia Southerland's invention in the toy aisle at a Walmart near you. Southerland's Wrist Over Pets, an educational plush toy that children can wear on their wrists or clip to their belt loops or back packs, was one of the items chosen for Walmart's "Get on the Shelf" contest. The grand prize winner will have the opportunity to sell his or her product on and in Walmart's physical stores.

When she came up with the idea of Wrist Over Pets, Southerland, a 1995 Saint Augustine's University graduate, wanted to create a toy that would educate as well as entertain. The Wrist Over Pets line features eight custom plush toys that teach children such various academic skills as math, science, alphabet, vocabulary, numbers, shapes and colors. The stuffed animals also address life skills like listening and obeying, caring and loving.

"I wanted them to not just have a toy," Southerland said. "I wanted them to be able to play with it, take it with them and learn."

Southerland has been hard at work on her Wrist Over Pets. She wrote her own patents, designed and sewed the prototypes and created the graphic work. Along with all her efforts, Southerland said she knows divine intervention has worked in her favor.

"I know God has to be in this because things are just happening," she said. "It's kind of unbelievable." The Walmart "Get on the Shelf" contest was one of those things that happened at just the right time. Southerland launched her toy line just in time to enter the online voting competition.

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Pictured: Southerland's invention, Wrist Over Pets.