Student Health


Health Services are provided at the Joseph G. Gordon Student Health Center. Prior to matriculation at Saint Augustine’s University, each student must have taken a thorough physical examination and submitted a certificate of good health. A student who has special medical problems is responsible for registering them with the University’s Family Nurse Practitioner/Director of the Gordon Student Health Center. Since the health fee is nominal, the University must charge the student for extra medical services, if required. The University maintains a supplemental health plan, which is included in the general fees. The insurance will only pay a percentage of the medical expenses incurred from a hospital visit or a physician’s office visit. Some expenses are not covered by the health plan. In case of emergencies or illnesses beyond the capability of the University Health Center, students will be directed to the Wake Medical Center, approximately three miles from the campus.

All students having medical problems should visit the Gordon Student Health Center. The University Family Nurse Practitioner/Director of the Gordon Student Health Center will determine if the illness requires further diagnosis and treatment. The Health Center hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Health Center is not open on weekends or during official University closings. In the event of accident or sickness, the student should report to the Student Health Center. After hours, a student should contact his/her Residence Hall Director. The University also provides a health and wellness program. A “state of the art” fitness center provides wellness services and is free for students.