Federal Pell Grant. This is a federal entitlement program designed to provide financial assistance to eligible undergraduate students. The number of hours the student is taking, the expected family contribution (EFC), and the cost of attendance at the institution determine the amount of the grant. When completing the FAFSA application, students must include Saint Augustine’s University Code (002968) on the application. To insure the proper processing, information from the current federal income tax return should be used.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG). This program provides grants ranging from $100 to $4,000 in an academic year to exceptionally needy students, with priority given to Federal Pell Grant recipients. The Financial Aid Office administers this grant. The student must complete the FAFSA to be considered for this grant.

North Carolina Need-Based Scholarship Program. The North Carolina Need-Based Scholarship was established by the 2011 General Assembly to provide need-based scholarships for North Carolina students attending private institutions of high education. Funds for the support of the program are contingent each year upon appropriations made available to the Authority by the General Assembly. Currently award amounts range from $3,900 to $7,200 for the year.

Other State Grants. Students from the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island may be eligible for funds from their state and should apply through their state agencies.