Faculty/Staff Spotlight

Faculty/Staff Spotlight-Jennifer Townes

Jennifer Townes is the Head of Reference and Instructional Services at Saint Augustine’s College. Mrs. Townes provides information literacy classes, research methodology, and bibliographic instruction to Saint Aug students and faculty. She is in her second year at the Prezell R. Robinson Library, and is excited to see the changes being wrought all over campus. One change of which she is very proud is the implementation of LibGuides at the library. LibGuides are one-stop-research-shops on the web, created by Mrs. Townes in collaboration with faculty. Check them out at libguides.st-aug.edu.

Mrs. Townes hails from Orlando, Florida, but has also lived in Alaska, Connecticut, Georgia, and Colorado. She loves living in Durham, and considers it her permanent home. Mrs. Townes married her high school sweetheart, Owen, in 2003, and they will celebrate their ninth anniversary in June. They have five cats, two snakes, and volunteer as a foster family for Independent Animal Rescue of Durham. Mrs. Townes enjoys being outdoors in her garden or at home with her husband. She also paints, sews, embroiders, plays music, and, of course, reads.

She arrived at Saint Augustine’s in 2011 after working at various North Carolina libraries. Previously she worked as a project cataloger at the State Library of North Carolina, as a librarian in the North Carolina Collection at UNC, as a copy cataloger at the Davis Library at UNC, and as a library technician at Durham Technical Community College. She has also recently worked as a freelance archivist for former Secretary of Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, Patricia Derian. Mrs. Townes’s major research interest is ‘information philanthropy’ – helping people by providing essential information with which to better their lives.

Mrs. Townes holds an M.S.L.S. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Graduate School of Information and Library Science, where she received a fellowship in the Carolina Academic Library Associate program. She also holds a B.A. in English Literature from Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, Georgia. Her professional work has been published in North Carolina Libraries and in Tournaments Illuminated.

Jennifer Townes loves to chat about books, the library, school – anything really. She welcomes visitors to her office in the library and she would be happy to entertain anyone who would like to get to know her better.