Office of the President

Office of the President

Dr. Ward

I am honored to accept the responsibility to serve as President of Saint Augustine's University. For me, to serve Saint Augustine's is an act of love and a defined purpose. Saint Augustine's University, my beloved alma mater, has literally been a major part of my life from birth. On November 6, 1958, I was born on the campus at Saint Agnes Hospital.

From then until now, the university has been and will always be an integral part of my life. Having benefitted from the mentorship of Dr. James A. Boyer, our 7th President, and the continued guidance of Dr. Prezell R. Robinson, our 8th President, my appointment as president is especially rewarding. Their legacy of commitment to Saint Augustine's serves as my leadership compass.

In the days ahead, I ask you to join the Saint Augustine's family in addressing the financial challenges currently confronting our university. With your assistance and with the support of our community and our business partners, Saint Augustine’s will once again be viewed as a premier institution of higher learning.

My vision for Saint Augustine's University is that at the end of my tenure as the President, we will have accomplished the following 3 things:

1Strengthened Saint Augustine’s financial position;

2Strengthened the faith that our students have in Saint Augustine’s; strengthened the faith that our alumni have in their alma mater; strengthened the faith that our faculty and staff have in their employer; and

3Strengthened the faith that our community and our business partners have in the fact that Saint Augustine’s is an institution of higher learning worthy of their time, talent and investment dollars.

Please join me in the Renaissance of Saint Augustine's University. Always know that the Office of the President is open to you and your recommendations are encouraged and welcomed.

In the interest of Saint Augustine's University I remain,


Everett B. Ward, Ph.D. (Class of 1982)
Phone: 919-516-4200

Audrey Ivory

Audrey Ivory
Executive Secretary
Telephone: 919-516-4201

Margaret Boddie

Margaret Boddie
Administrative Assistant
Telephone: 919-516-4200