17 Aug 2022

Saint Augustine’s University Partners with (ISC)² to Offer Cyber Education, Training and Certifications

Saint Augustine’s University (SAU) has formed an innovative partnership with (ISC)², International Informational System Security Certification Consortium, Inc., the world’s leading and most prominent nonprofit association certified cybersecurity professionals. This newly formed partnership will prepare students for exciting careers in cybersecurity, a field that is experiencing a critical shortage of highly trained and certified professionals. 

This partnership and program build upon (ISC)²’s leadership in delivering solutions to our global cybersecurity workforce challenges. Research suggests that organizations that focus on recruiting and developing entry-level cybersecurity staff – including those with little or no technical experience- accelerate the invaluable hands-on training the next generation of professionals need to start a successful cybersecurity career. 

“This partnership is a critical step forward in reimagining the core competencies of an SAU graduate in the areas of Science, Technology, Research, Arts, and Mathematics,” said SAU President Dr. Christine Johnson McPhail. “We are now positioned to meet the diversity, equity, and inclusion needs of a rapidly growing cybersecurity workforce.” 

SAU students can receive any (ISC)² certification to diversify the talent pipeline of cybersecurity professionals and the skill and validation needed for the field.    

Students who earn (ISC)² certifications will also demonstrate to employers that they have the foundational knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for an entry-level cybersecurity role. 

“According to (ISC)²’s 2021 Cybersecurity Workforce Study, the Cybersecurity Workforce Estimate and Cybersecurity Workforce Gap suggest the global cybersecurity workforce needs to grow 65% to effectively defend organizations’ critical assets. Saint Augustine’s University is uniquely positioned to train today’s talent for today’s cybersecurity workforce. Our leadership is honored to be blazing a trail in closing these gaps in partnership with (ISC)²,” said Veronica Creech, Vice President for Economic Development & External Engagement at SAU.

(ISC)² has designated SAU as the premier institution to advance cybersecurity education, training, and research as a precursor for relaunching the SAU Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Students will have an opportunity to focus their degree in four key areas: Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Simulation and Game Design. 

“Cybersecurity is national security,” said Dr. Terry Kidd, Vice President of Strategic Planning, Research, Technology and Innovation. “With this synergistic partnership, SAU will equip students with the knowledge, research, and skills needed not only for their careers, but for making a lasting impact on the nation’s security across industries and organizations. We, at SAU, are proud to announce this initiative alongside so many others who share a strong commitment to addressing our cybersecurity workforce challenges. We look forward to building more public-private partnerships needed to accomplish this shared goal.” 

About (ISC)²: 

(ISC)² is an international, nonprofit membership association for information security leaders and professionals. With more than 168,000 certified members strong, (ISC)²’s goal is to empower professionals who touch every aspect of information security. (ISC)² created the Certified in Cybersecurity entry-level certification program as part of a broad strategy to support and nurture a new generation of cybersecurity professionals entering the field.