22 Aug 2022

Dr. Webb Presentation Scheduled for the American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting

Dr. Patrick Webb, Professor of Criminal Justice

As of July 26, 2022, Dr. Patrick Webb received notification from the American Society of Criminology (ASC) that his recently submitted conference presentation, entitled Determining the Youth Discount among the Vulnerable: Youth Detention Decisions in the United States, was accepted and is scheduled for presentation at the annual conference (November 16-19) in Atlanta, GA. The content has been identified within the presentation section entitled, Detention, Diversion, and Decarceration: Confinement Issues in Juvenile Justice and includes 3 additional attendees who will present similar topical content.  

Identified below is the presentation abstract (based upon future peer reviewed publication):  
Placement in pre-adjudicatory secure detention is one of the most important decision points in juvenile justice. Prior research has examined the role of both legal and extralegal factors in detention decisions although very little is known about whether age (or the “youth discount”) serves as a mitigating factor in association with detention decisions for younger juveniles. This study uses national court data to examine age, race, offenses, and their interaction at this decision point. Results indicate that both legal and extralegal factors among minority youth are significantly associated with secure detention decisions among 12-year-olds. Limitations, areas of further investigation, and policy implications are discussed.
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