02 Nov 2020

SAU Alumna Joins WakeMed Team as Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Saint Augustine’s University prepares students for greatness that lasts for a lifetime after they leave our gates. One example we are proud to announce is by way of Dr. Jeronica Goodwin, Class of 1998 alumnae with a Bachelors of Science in Business. Recently we were notified that Dr. Goodwin will be joining the WakeMed team as the Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Chief People Officer.

Dr. Goodwin started her career as an intern at WakeMed back when she was a student at SAU. She was encouraged by staff members to take steps towards her career and she was assisted by the Career Services staff at that time. Dr. Goodwin reflects, “My educational experience at Saint Augustine’s University was invaluable. It allowed me to be exposed to internships, community activities, and experiential learning projects. During my matriculation, the student Career Center assisted me in obtaining two life-changing programs. The first was a fellowship in Washington, DC, for a Presidential cabinet member during my junior year. And the second was an internship that led to full-time employment after graduation at the largest health system in the largest county in North Carolina, WakeMed. Words cannot express my love for my alma mater and all that it has given to me. The professors cared about me, I met life-long friends, I found my life’s work and purpose, and I can give back to my community in ways I could have never imagined.”

SAU students, you are encouraged to utilize the Career Exploration, Mentoring and Professional Development Services and cultivate professional connections. The resources you can find there will become invaluable in your journey to solidify your career path. Alumni, if you have professional connections, Saint Augustine’s University encourages you to reach back to SAU students and help students cultivate those connections. Dr. Goodwin’s story is one that can be described as “full-circle” from student to intern to full-time employee.

Congratulations on this new journey of your career, Dr. Goodwin!