30 May 2017

SAU receives $75,000 donation from Christ Church

SAU receives $75,000 donation from Christ Church

On Thursday, May 18, 2017, President Everett B. Ward and students of Saint Augustine’s University (SAU) were presented with a $75,000 donation from Christ Church of Raleigh. The institutions have ties dating back to the founding fathers of the university, which included leaders from Christ Church.  

To help raise funds, Reverend Jim Adams, Mrs. Allene Adams, the Vestry and Wardens, and the Christ Church Saint Augustine’s Committee hosted an evening to support the University’s ongoing work to improve the student experience. Rev. Adams stated, “We are so thankful for the renaissance that Dr. Ward is leading at Saint Augustine’s University and we consider it a privilege to walk with him and his amazing team.” During the event, Dr. Ward made a presentation on the importance of investing in university’s students, some of which were present to meet donors and members of the church. 

Reflecting on the occasion and the donation from Christ Church, Dr. Ward stated, “Saint Augustine’s University is extremely grateful for the enormous support of Reverend Jim Adams and the members of Christ Church. The historic legacy between Christ Church and Saint Augustine’s University continues to assist a new generation of young scholars in reaching their academic and professional goals.” The Christ Church donation comes just after SAU’s record-breaking Stone of Hope Gala, which resulted in over $355,000 in donations from the university’s alumni and supporters.  

Christ Church is a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, with a membership of approximately 2,800 persons. Founded in 1821 as the first Episcopal Church in Raleigh, Christ Church welcomes all people at God’s altar. SAU administrators, faculty, staff and students are greatly appreciative of the relationship the University has had with Christ Church throughout the past 150 years.